With more than 50 years of combined experience, The Rubin Group provides our clients with personal, hands-on service to assist you in overcoming the challenges that Florida’s political landscape often poses.

Our expertise ranges from crafting and shaping public policy at the legislative level; to guiding the smooth implementation of policy within the executive branch, including working closely with the Governor’s office, as well as all state agencies; to working closely with regulators to ensure rules and regulations do not overstep or become overly burdensome on businesses.

In addition, The Rubin Group has a long history of helping our clients deliver the right message to key decision makers at every level of government, as we understand that having the right answer is only half the battle, and that communicating that message effectively and appropriately to the right people is equally as important. To that end, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to shape their message and effectively communicate with officials at all levels of government.

At The Rubin Group, we serve as advisors to all businesses, both small and large, and act as advisors in the political realm, offer strategic advice on how to grow business, and, also have significant experience in advising start-up companies on how to best navigate growth and overcome challenges posed by government.

Having a working knowledge of government at all levels, the firm was formed with the purpose of helping clients navigate through a highly regulated world.

The Rubin Group serves as a liaison between those we represent and the government.